Zumba is a fun, high-energy way to get around the house and burn a few calories. In fact, it’s one of the best workouts because it’s so much fun you don’t feel like you’re working out.

Founded by a fitness instructor at Columbia, Zumba was accidentally created when the instructor had to use Latin American music for one of his classes without any preparation. On the spot, he combined merengue and salsa steps and created what is now known as zumba!

Zumba was then shipped to the United States of America where two talented entrepreneurs took an interest in it and turned it into a worldwide passion. With strong Latin influences, he caught on in no time and was soon introduced to most dance studios, gym classes, and fitness centers.

You too can find a lot of delight in this amazing weight loss dance routine just by learning a few steps. You don’t have to go out of your way and sign up for classes that will cost you money, just invest in a homemade DVD or better yet, download some do-it-yourself Zumba videos off the internet.

What you should do is have comfortable shoes that give you good lateral support. Pick a pair that has little to no tread so you can slide on and have the most fun. It is also important that you pair your shoes with a good pair of thick socks to absorb sweat and act as a barrier against skin blistering.

Also, wear loose, comfortable Zumba clothing that has good wicking to keep you dry and prevent chafing. For women, it is important to have a good sports bra to avoid muscle damage and also to avoid chafing.

When you’re all set up and ready to go, jump right into a warm-up routine. Do it with as much enthusiasm as possible because that’s what Zumba is all about. A warm up basically requires you to stretch and get ready for a good workout, if your video doesn’t come with a workout then find another one that does. Or you can read about a warm up online and do it yourself.

Learn footwork moves like box steps, lunges, crossovers, and other moves that will help move your hips and torso. You should also pay attention to arm movements, simple things like waves, ground touches and swings are good enough.

While you are guided by a home video or a fitness instructor, don’t be intimidated by his speed, because that will lead you to give up very quickly. Instead, what you should do is work at your own pace. How fast and agile you are depends on your age, fitness level, flexibility, etc. Over time, you’ll be able to increase your pace while buzzing all over the place.

As you work out with your Zumba routine, keep a water bottle by your side so you can get a drink from time to time. Fluids help keep your body hydrated, so it’s important to drink plenty while you work up a sweat during this fun workout.