Insurance Required For Loughborough Student accommodation

Students living in private rented accommodation must have their own renter’s insurance to cover personal property, liability and additional living expenses. Most landlords will require or strongly recommend that you get a policy before you move in. The cost of this is usually quite low, and provides peace of mind for a small investment. The Dean of Students Office and Beyond the Diag program strongly encourage you to obtain renter’s insurance.

All our Loughborough student accommodation are located in the heart of the town, with a wide variety of pubs, bars and restaurants all within walking distance. You’ll also find a cinema, FLIX, and other activities to enjoy, making it the perfect student home.

A tenancy agreement is a legally binding document between you and the landlord which sets out both parties’ rights and responsibilities. It is important to read the contract and understand all clauses so there are no surprises after you sign. If you are not happy with any part of the contract, speak to your landlord, and if possible try to reach an agreement. If this fails, you can seek advice from the Students Union Advice Centre/Accommodation Office or Citizen’s Advice.

Is Renters Insurance Required For Loughborough Student accommodation?

Your contract will also set out how bills should be paid, and whether you or your Loughborough student accommodation are responsible for paying them. Make sure that you change the name on the bills to your own as soon as you move in, and agree how they will be split. If you are sharing a property with housemates, you may want to consider taking out shared liability coverage for the bills as well.

If you are responsible for paying the bills, it is very important that you pay them on time. If you do not, you could face late payment fees and/or eviction from your property. If you are struggling to pay, contact your landlord straight away and explain the situation. They may be able to offer an extension, or a repayment plan. It is always better to discuss any problems rather than ignore them.

In the event of a repair problem, it is your responsibility to report it to the landlord as soon as you can, and preferably in writing. If the problem is not resolved in a reasonable timeframe (depending on the nature of the issue) you should seek advice from the Students Union Advice Centre/Accommodation Department or Citizen’s Advice.

In addition, quality student accommodation offers access to health and wellness resources. On-campus medical facilities, counseling services, and recreational spaces promote physical and mental well-being. The presence of support staff, such as resident advisors, further facilitates students’ adjustment to university life and offers assistance during challenging times.

The University has engaged GradGuardTM, a service provided by Next Generation Insurance Group, LLC, with a specific renter’s insurance plan designed specifically for students. The plan can be billed monthly along with your rental installments. More information is available on the Renters Insurance Grad Guard page.

Loughborough is a beautiful market town, with plenty to see and do. There are many restaurants, shops and cafes, with a lively nightlife. You can also enjoy the parks and green spaces, or take a walk around Ashby Square or the Market Place. All Unite Students properties are situated in the best locations so you can make the most of this exciting East Midlands town and feel right at home in our student homes.