Student Accommodation Accessible For People With Disabilities

Bristol is one of the best cities for students with disabilities, offering a wealth of student accommodation options. With a vibrant cultural scene, buzzing nightlife and a community-focused vibe, it’s no wonder students flock here to study. Whether you’re looking for city centre student flats or a more rural student home, Bristol has a wide selection of options for all budgets and needs. The top-rated Bristol student accommodation offer the latest anti-COVID measures including hand sanitiser stations, temperature checks and staff PPE kits. You can find student apartments in Bristol that have these security measures by using Unilodgers’ Pandemic Shield filter which is available to all users.

Most colleges and universities are required to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). The law requires privately owned places of public accommodation to remove many physical barriers to access and meet accessibility standards in new construction or major renovations. In some cases, they are required to provide a certain number of accessible housing units. For example, NYU recently settled a lawsuit with the federal government over accessibility in its campus housing. The university will now ensure that an adequate number of apartments and common areas are wheelchair-accessible, as well as provide signage and information on the website to point out accessible entrances and routes.

The process for requesting academic accommodations in higher education can be complex and intimidating. Students often come to college with little experience self advocating and may feel uncomfortable sharing personal information with faculty members about their disability-related needs. Faculty and staff can help ease this process by providing a supportive environment, respecting the student’s privacy and serving as a resource for them.

Is Student Accommodation Accessible For People With Disabilities?

Reasonable accommodations are adjustments to policies, practices and programs that “level the playing field” for students with disabilities by reducing barriers to learning. They are tailored to the individual student and based on their documented disability-related need. They are not intended to give the student an advantage over other students or alter fundamental aspects of a course.

The process of requesting and receiving accommodations begins with the Bristol student accommodation registering with the office that provides support services for students with disabilities. Once the office has reviewed the student’s documentation, they will recommend a set of accommodations for the professor to consider. This set of accommodations will be reflected on the Faculty Accommodation Letter (FAL) that is uploaded to the student’s portal.

Student accommodation serves as a hub for social interaction and plays a vital role in fostering a sense of community. Living in close proximity to fellow students creates opportunities for forming lifelong friendships and building valuable networks. It enables students to engage in social activities, clubs, and events, enhancing their overall university experience.

This FAL will provide a detailed description of the accommodations and the student’s responsibility to meet course requirements while using only approved accommodations. The student should be encouraged to discuss their accommodations with their professors in a timely manner and to seek assistance from the DAS office if they have any questions about the accommodation process. This content has been developed in collaboration with the ADA Information Center. To learn more about the ADA Information Center visit