F-Secure Internet Security can provide comprehensive, easy-to-use protection against all Internet threats, whether known or previously unidentified. But if you want to uninstall F-Secure Antivirus and move to another useful program, it may be a bit difficult.

Usually, you cannot completely remove this program via “Add/Remove Programs”, because after that there are still many files, registry entries and processes left on your computer.

Fortunately, F-Secure Internet Security has an uninstall tool that can remove this program. And the specific instructions as follows:

Uninstall F-Secure Internet Security with your uninstall tool:

Step 1 Disable all instances of F-Secure from autostart at PC startup.

* Press Windows Key + R to bring up the “Run” applet

*Type “services.msc” (without quotes) to open the Services applet

*Locate all the F-Secure listings, right-click each one and select Properties.

*In the dropdown menu, change the Startup Type to “Disabled”.

You can also check this to press Windows Key + R for the “Run” applet, type “msconfig” (without quotes). In the “Services” and “Startup” tabs, make sure that all F-Secure listings are unchecked.

Step 2 Download the F-Secure Uninstall Tool, extract the ZIP file, and then run UninstallTool.exe.

Caution: After running this uninstall tool, your computer will automatically restart. So make sure you have saved all your work before running this tool.

Unfortunately, however, this tool cannot be removed when F-Secure is installed in non-secure directories such as c:, c:windows or c:program files. This is done to prevent the loss of important client data during the uninstall. If you are not sure, it is better not to use this method.

So this does the job, but it’s not smart and secure enough. Then you can also try another way.

Uninstall F-Secure Internet Security completely without problems:

After searching, I found a much easier and safer solution: download a good removal tool that can completely get rid of F-Secure, its related files and processes, as well as registry entries once and for all in seconds, easy. and indeed. Just one simple click and such a tool will give you a clean removal.

Actually, there is a fantastic removal tool that can help you to completely uninstall F-Secure Internet Security with great success and make sure that all now-disappeared Registry entries and related files are automatically removed in few clicks. Apart from this software, you can also completely remove other programs like Authentium, Norton, Trend Micro antivirus, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office and similar programs.

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