It’s time for your vacation and you’re wondering whether or not you should include your dog on the trip. Taking a trip with your dog can be a lot of fun if you know how to go about it and what to expect when you have your dog with you. If you think your dog deserves the thrill, make sure you know exactly what you’re riding to get there. For example, traveling by plane is not always the best idea for dogs.

The reason why traveling by plane is not always recommended is that airlines do not consider your pet as part of the family like you, but more often than not they consider it just another burden. Even for a very relaxed dog, the cargo hold of an airplane is definitely not a very pleasant place for your dog. This doesn’t mean that flying is totally out of the question, especially if your dog is a small dog. Some airlines will allow you to take your little one on the plane with you if the carrier he’s in fits on the floor next to your feet.

Probably the best way to travel with your beloved dog is by car. Chances are if it’s yours because you’re driving, your dog is already familiar with it and will love getting on it and will be more than willing to go on a trip with you. If anything; your dog has only traveled in the car for the visit to the vet, it is likely that he will not be free of anxiety on the trip. Therefore, it is best for you and his dog to start taking him on short trips that end in nice places before taking him on vacation with you.

When traveling with your dog, be sure to plan well in advance. You will need to schedule plenty of rest stops, they should be planned for every three to five hours so your dog can relieve himself, drink some water, stretch his legs a bit, and maybe even eat something. Also make sure you have mapped out the vets that are near any area you might stop at and make sure you know when their office hours are.

You should have these items with you when traveling with your dog. The list of all the rest stops and vets, a leash, a dog crate, water and bowls, treats, a couple of his favorite toys, a blanket for him to lie on, trash bags, and even his dogs medical records.

Make sure you make a reservation at a pet friendly hotel, don’t get there and find out later that they don’t allow pets. Some hotels actually treat pets like special guests with dog beds and pillows, dog spas, and even doggy daycare.

If your trip is going to be a camping trip, you will find that this can be a perfect way to spend some real quality time with your dog while enjoying nature at the same time. But sometimes camping can be an unwise decision for some dogs if they are not well trained. You should also make sure that the campground accepts pets, some do not.

It is important that you plan your vacation for your pet in advance and be prepared for anything. No matter where you are, emergencies can arise, even when you’re on the road with your dog. So be sure to plan for any emergencies. This will decrease your stress and make your trip with your dog much more enjoyable.