Android, as one of the two most popular mobile application platforms, continues to be popular by powering the most number of smartphones. The operating system that powers the vast majority of smartphones has now evolved in features and capabilities and every year we get new updates that further enrich Android with features and functionality. Android Oreo, the latest update to the platform, came with a wide range of new features and enhanced capabilities. It is designed for the most advanced smartphones, including the latest Google Pixel 2 and Nexus phones.

Let’s take a look at the key improvements Android users will enjoy with Android Oreo.

  • Improved battery life

Android Oreo will increase the battery life of any device simply by smartly monitoring battery usage while using various apps.

  • Picture-in-Picture Mood

Android Oreo will also come with the long-awaited picture-in-picture feature that allows you to minimize a video within a small preview screen while accessing another app.

  • autocomplete framework

Android Oreo will also come with a smart autofill feature that allows autofilling of various forms and pages if, as a registered user, you already have all your personal data and authentication details stored on your phone.

  • More power for the Google Assistant

Android Oreo will also boost overall ease of use and usability with the easier integration of the Google Assistant into just about everything. This new update will allow you to use the Google Assistant within any mobile application.

  • Vitals – The security layer

Android Oreo will also have an additional security layer called Vital. Vitals runs in the background, ensuring device security and keeping it away from viruses, hackers, and worms.

  • Smart text selection

When you select a particular text and if the selected text is an address, the smart text selection feature helps you with the address or if it is a phone number, it dials the number.

The utility of Android applications for companies

Many industries and companies find android apps useful as it is the only platform to connect the maximum number of smartphone users. In particular, Business to Consumer (B2C) applications that need to connect with a broad audience find Android more useful as a platform. For a business to get started with a mobile presence through a native app, Android is the least expensive mobile platform out there. If you want to market your products and services with the goal of building a loyal audience, there’s no better way than to start with an Android app.

Some of the key benefits of Android apps for business include the following:

  1. Wider audience: Android as a mobile platform enjoys the largest audience of smartphone users across a variety of niches and demographics.
  2. Cost Benefits: Android offers unprecedented economic advantages for building new applications compared to other competitors. Being an open source platform, it offers a wide range of SDKs for free and that makes Android app development less expensive.
  3. easy customization: Android apps can be easily customized with all sorts of enterprise-specific features and functionality targeted at audiences that require superior technical expertise. The lower learning curve makes Android even more equipped for customization.
  4. business integration: Struggling to keep your disconnected and jumbled functional systems online? Avoid bottlenecks and increase employee productivity with the enterprise integration Android app. The right management software will take a backseat to short-term revenue acceleration goals, and the business will have to grapple with a decision to manage expanding operations.
  5. Better hardware compatibility: Android apps are easily deployed across different devices and this emphasis is on ensuring that all of your customers witness a similar user experience. Applications are easily deployed on multiple hardware configurations.
  6. Graphic support: Android supports powerful 2D and 3D graphics that attract visitors and ultimately increase sales. High resolution graphics are crucial for mobile applications. Games without high-resolution images look incomplete.
  7. linux kernel: The Android kernel is based on the Linux Kernel, which means that the core features of Android are just like the Linux Kernel. Also, having a Linux-based operating system means that Android is a robust, stable and secure platform, ready to deliver incredible performance.
  8. greater flexibility: Android provides great flexibility due to its ultra-rich operating system. Provides more flexibility by allowing applications running on Firefox, Opera, and Chrome to run a capability. When the app is uploaded to the Google Play Store, the response time is quite less compared to the apps in the Apple Store.
  9. open source platform: Open Source Platform indicates that not only developers have the freedom to easily adapt and edit the codes, but it even becomes cost-effective.
  10. Offers complete security: At the time android application development was at a nascent level, most Android devices experienced hardware malfunction and hacking issues. So, Google brought to the market the address space layout, which is the protection process that protects the operating system from various viruses.

Android enjoys a whopping 84.2% market share among smartphones and this clearly shows the leading position of the platform.

Overall, Android continues to be one of the top two most popular mobile platforms in addition to other platforms and given the saturation of other apps in terms of revenue, Android leads in terms of growth.

Android developers dominate the mobile talent pool with 72%

Not surprisingly, most of the major companies and the vast majority of small and medium-sized businesses in niches prefer to hire Android developers to shape or reshape their mobile presence. Android has marked its presence in different industries and is ready to rule the industry as ‘the best platform for mobile app development’.

  • Education – Know? 81% of students use mobile devices to study! Mobile has reshaped today’s world scene. For one, it has cool, geeky mobile apps and students love them. While on the other hand, students have exams, textbooks to study and a lot of learning that they don’t like. So when you combine both, you get amazing results for students. Amazon Kindle and Coursera are one of those apps that you will find on every mobile reader.
  • Games and Entertainment – “90% of Google Play’s revenue came from games” Are you amazed? Stick with them as it is certain that Android will continue to create such wonders. If you have the Android app and you’re alone, chances are you’ll click on the entertainment or gaming app. A single device in your hand that helps you store, access, play, edit and share different media with multiple people.
  • lifestyle apps – The third highest ranked category in the Google Play Store with 2,44,659 apps is lifestyle. Lifestyle apps keep your business and life running and thus make your Android phone more powerful as a touchstone for your hobbies and passions.
  • business applications – Android is great as it gives you the power to be productive at any time. No matter you want to organize the budget or travel for your business activities, want to manage different projects efficiently or work on multiple spreadsheets, documents, work on a presentation or remind you of different scheduled tasks/meetings in the day, Android Apps are there for you.
  • Best Utility/Tool Apps – The Android phone has the potential to act as a Swiss army knife of mobile devices: with Android apps you can do whatever you need. As? Utility apps can help you keep track of expenses when you travel, or keep your phone safe with different security apps or install apps that let you get the most out of your battery, GPS, and other features.
  • Travel and Transportation – Until now, you would have realized that your Android phone has the power to act as a great business tool, the best entertainment device, a lifestyle companion, and an amazing travel aid. Yes, a great android travel app is a blessing! So you are planning your first trip or you travel regularly, you will find everything you need for a travel trip. From flights to information on languages ​​or places.

This is how Android transcends the growing pains that previously prevented them from taking their business into the growth landscape.