FHTM stands for Fortune-Hi-Tech-Marketing. It is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky and is a 100 percent debt free, privately owned company. Being a company established to help regular people build residual income and change their lifestyles. Fortune-Hi-Tech-Marketing is 100 percent debt free and provides consumers with everyday products they use today, as well as giving them the opportunity to start their own home-based business.

Paul Orberson is the Paul Bunyan of the network marketing industry. Mr. Orberson went from being a high school teacher in Danville, Kentucky to retiring with over $60 million. He was also the first Network Marketer to reach 1 million earned in a month. Mr. Orberson has taken everything he had learned while he was the top earner at EXCEL and created this company. Mr. Orberson came out of retirement living in Florida to create and open Fortune-Hi-Tech-Marketing company. He immediately partnered with name brand companies like: Dish Network, Cingular Wireless, and AT$T, to name just a few. Mr. Orberson took the time to research several other companies, looking at their products and their compensation plan for giving back to Independent Business Owners.

FHTM has enabled thousands of people, regardless of their education, experience, or current financial situation, to achieve their financial goals by becoming Fortune-Hi-Tech-Marketing business owners. Fortune-Hi-Tech-Marketing offers people a way to take charge of their life and create a healthy and stable environment for themselves and their family by owning their own business and being part of a TEAM.

Fortune-Hi-Tech-Marketing has put the consumer in the equation by allowing you to earn commission on the products and services you use every day, and the opportunity to earn an income comparable to top executives in a fortune 500 company. Fortune-Hi-Tech-Marketing has grown to become the world’s first home based business. Fortune-Hi-Tech-Marketing and its owner, Paul Orberson, have caused quite a stir in the multi-level marketing business. Fortune-Hi-Tech-Marketing operates in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Fotune-Hi-Tech-Marketing Products and Services markets products for: Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile, Dish Network, GE and other brand name companies, and enables consumers to save and earn money with commonly used products and services, including home security systems. , satellite TV, cell phone, home phone, long distance connection and Internet and much, much more. Fortune-Hi-Tech-Marketing is a team of highly motivated and dedicated individuals who work together towards a common goal and achieve success with integrity. Fortune-Hi-Tech-Marketing is a pioneer in the network marketing industry.

In short, Paul Orberson has truly created one of the best multi-level marketing businesses out there today. Fortune-Hi-Tech-Marketing is honored to be the focus of the October 2008 issue of: “Your Business Home Magazine”. Mr. Orberson has built this business with the family concept in mind, and to his peace of mind, he has ensured that the company never runs out of cash flow to cover the compensation plan. Remember this: Live life to the fullest but most of all have fun while doing it!

Written by Mark Wezyk

freedom team leader