Dora the Explorer is a cartoon character and animated series popular with girls ages two to five. Given the popularity of the show, Dora is a perfect theme for a girl’s birthday party. Here are five ideas for a Dora themed birthday and the Dora birthday supplies you’ll need for each one.

    “Put the backpack on Dora” – Find a Dora graphic online, enlarge it and print it. Place it on a sturdy piece of cardstock or cardboard and laminate it. Also, print out several coloring pages of the Backpack character and color each one a different color. Laminate or cover each piece with adhesive paper. When it’s time to play, blindfold the children one at a time and have them try to pin (or tape) the backpack to Dora. Another version of this game is “Pin the Tail on Swiper”.

  1. “Dora Bingo” – Make a Dora bingo using pictures, signs and words from the series. Use Dora stickers or figurines found in party stores.
  2. “Find Swiper” – Swiper is the character of Dora’s fox. Print or buy a picture of Swiper, hide it and have the children look for it. Give a prize to the child who finds it first.
  3. “Dora’s Scavenger Hunt” – Create a scavenger hunt focused on Dora and give each little one their unique backpack full of items to help them: magnifying glasses, binoculars, maps, etc.
  4. “Dora Paper Dolls” – Online, you will find a lot of free paper dolls that you can print and have children color.
  5. “Dora Hide and Seek” – Hide Dora-themed items throughout the party area, such as Spanish vocabulary cards, pictures of Dora’s characters, or Dora stickers. When you say, “Let’s go!” Have the children try to find as many objects as you have hidden. Send each guest home with the items they found.
  6. Dora pinata – This traditional Mexican party activity is suitable considering the theme. Dora piñatas can be found in most party stores and can be filled with candy and small toys or trinkets. Consider using a drawstring pinata, which is a safer alternative for your children.

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