Getting rid of the top of your muffin can be frustrating.

How many times have you found a beautiful pair of jeans that make your legs appear ten miles long, only to find that the tight waist band causes the top of your muffin to bulge out on the sides?

Or what happens when you’ve donned some sexy lingerie to attract your man, only to find that the stringy sides cut into your hips and make you look like a chain of sausages?

Unfortunately, many of us have experienced these all too familiar problems.

Fortunately, to get rid of the top of your muffin, there are only three simple steps you need to take:

• Change your clothes

• Altering your diet

• Do specific exercise

In this article, I’ll go over these three areas, which are the keys to succeeding in losing the top of your muffin for good.

Change of clothes

This step is really ridiculously simple!

Many people don’t know that wearing tight clothing is the number one cause of muffin top, which is why even the slimmest women among us can suffer from it!

When shopping for pants, underwear, or anything that fits around your hips, it’s important to have the mindset of finding something that fits your body rather than something that’s trendy or your friends are wearing.

This change in mindset can be difficult as it may mean going up a size or changing your style, but you won’t look back once you start to find that the clothes fit you better and make you look amazing; no one needs to know your size after all.

Alter your diet

Many weight problems are due to the body not following a properly balanced diet.

People who eat a lot of salty or sugary foods (particularly processed foods and chemical-laden microwave foods) cause their bodies to store fat because it would be bad for their organs to try to process as much sugar and salt at once.

The body conserves this fat to use for energy at a later date, but if you continue to load up on more of these unhealthy foods, the fat will never have a chance to be used and more will accumulate on top.

Here’s how you can start a vicious cycle of weight gain that directly affects your muffin top and other related problems.

Many of us do not understand that the body works this way, so we will eat sugary treats and white bread, but once we have this knowledge, we can put it to good use!

This means cutting out those salty and sugary processed foods and replacing them with healthy, natural foods like fruits, vegetables, sweet potatoes, and even butter.

Do specific exercise

We all know that exercise is important to staying healthy, so if you’re trying to ditch the top of your muffin, exercise can play a role.

There are many exercises you can do to tone your hips and waist, but my personal favorite is hula hooping!

Hula hoops are cheap and a lot of fun, which makes it easy for me to stay motivated to wear one – it doesn’t even feel like exercise to me!

All you need to do is stand inside the hoop and hold it so that one edge rests against the back of your waist, then rotate it with your hands and use a twisting motion on your hips to try and keep the hoop spinning around your waist. . . Once it drops, flip it the other direction and continue until you’ve done about 20 minutes of hula hopping.

Bright colors are great for engaging children. I like to encourage hula competitions to see who can last the longest as it helps me do the best training and appeals to the competitive nature of my two.

Along with targeted exercise, I would suggest trying to get about half an hour of general exercise each day.

Try not to let this put you off though, I’m not talking about half an hour of exercise, it could just be going for a walk or vacuuming.

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