American History Homeschool Middle School

American history is a topic that interests students at every level. From preschool to high school, you can find a homeschool history curriculum for your kids. The best us history homeschool curriculum is designed to make learning fun, engage your kids and help them remember what they’ve learned. This is important because filling in worksheets and memorization aren’t necessarily the best way to learn history (check out our article on the benefits of living history books). The following american history homeschool middle school curriculum will take your children through a variety of time periods and introduce them to the major historical figures that helped shape America.

Well-Trained Mind’s award-winning resource, The Story of the World (SOTW), is a four-volume set covering the sweep of human history from ancient times to present day. The read-aloud format is ideal for families who want to learn together and helps children develop a context for what they’re learning about, fostering a deeper understanding of the events and people they’re studying. SOTW begins with an overview of the world’s civilizations, then dives into the stories of Africa, China, Europe and the Americas.

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History offers a wealth of resources to help your children understand the people and events that made America great. You can access primary source documents, historic photos, interactive maps and more from the website. The museum is also home to Mission US, a public media project that uses immersive narrative games to teach students about topics like slavery, the Revolutionary War and immigration.

American History Homeschool Middle School Curriculum

Moving Beyond the Page’s social studies curriculum for grades K-8 is a living history approach that integrates literature, art and other hands-on activities to create a more holistic learning experience for your children. It covers the major eras of world history and provides an excellent survey of culture and geography to prepare your children for a smooth transition into American History and Government in high school.

This American History course, aimed at grades five through eight, provides an in-depth study of monumental events and gives students an excellent understanding of how the US government works. Students who have studied the two levels of this curriculum will enter high school with a deep understanding of world history, a strong grasp of US history and government and excellent world geography skills.

Another approach that combines the flexibility of a literature-based unit study with the in-depth look of a textbook-based course is Beautiful Feet’s America the Beautiful curriculum package. The book-based lessons include a wide array of primary sources and photographs, historic illustrations and maps. It teaches your child about the foundation of the United States and allows for easy integration of other activities like field trips or art and cooking projects. This curriculum also incorporates a wide array of literary works to engage students and help them understand the importance of American history makers.