Running a successful online business requires you to think ahead and strategize all the possible results that will come when people land on your product’s sales page.

In some cases, they may not want your initial offer or your unique offer. But smart marketers know that even if people say “no” to these offers, there’s still a way to sell them something valuable.

Rebates are offered after the prospect says “no.”

They are meant to overcome the “I can’t afford it” response.

Downsells are lower-priced deals that are similar in theme to your main product. By implementing them into your internet marketing strategy, you can increase your profits and capture members of your market who may not be able to buy your main product.

Here are seven secrets to using downsells effectively.

1. Use a great headline.

Your downsell needs a headline, just like your main product and unique offer. The headline will draw the reader in and speak directly to your rejection of the other offer.

For example, you can use a title that says “If [Main Offer] it wasn’t for you, we have a great deal on another package.”

2. Offer something of value.

Many marketers make the mistake of offering a purely fake product for sale. Even if you’re only charging $12 for the product, you still need to make sure that your product is something that your market will actually want.

You can offer a “light” version of your main product or another product that is loosely related but still valuable.

3. Emphasize the benefits.

The main benefit of the downselling product is the price, but you’ll also want to mention the other benefits on your sales page.

If your downsell is a “light” version of your main product, don’t talk about what they’re missing…emphasize what they get when they buy.

4. Automate the process.

This goes without saying, but it is essential that the process your customer goes through when they transfer from your primary product to your secondary sale runs smoothly.

Be sure to test your process before going live so your visitors don’t get error pages.

5. Use the principles of scarcity and urgency.

These principles work well on regular sales pages and are still necessary on low sales pages.

You have to make sure that the audience understands that the downsell will only be available for a short period of time and that they need to “act now.”

6. Make sure they understand the great deal they’re getting.

If you’re selling a product that’s separate from your main offer, you need to let your audience know what a great deal they’re getting.

For example, make sure your customer knows they’re getting a $20 product for $12.

7. Use a graphic image of the product.

You can greatly increase the value of the product by using an image. A box, ebook cover, or other image will imply value to your visitor and increase your conversion rates.

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