With many people struggling in our current economy, a large number of people are looking to start a home business to help make more money. Are you someone who has been looking at Vollara as an opportunity for additional income? This Vollara review will discuss the company and whether you can make money from your opportunity.

The company

Vollara is a network marketing company that launched in January 2010. Based in Dallas, Texas, their product line focuses on life wellness, environmental purity, and weight loss. Originally called Electrolux, the company changed the name to generate renewed interest, as is common with MLM companies. The parent company has existed since 1924.

The products

Riding the growing interest in the wave of health supplements, Vollara offers nutritional supplements, multivitamins, power foods and more. They also market a unique line of water purification, air purification, and electrical conservation products. Below is a summary of their three product categories.

1. Shape your weight – Includes products to revitalize body and mind, reduce or maintain body weight and cleanse the digestive tract.

2. Wellness lifestyle – A wide selection of products to support aging gracefully, allergy support, bone, cardiovascular, immune, mood and prostate support, just to name a few.

3. Environmental purity – A variety of air and water purification systems, including a new laundry product designed to eliminate the need for laundry soap.

The opportunity

Vollara’s compensation plan is based on the traditional MLM binary structure where you recruit new members and place them on either the left or right leg of your organization. Start earning money from retail sales profits and progress through 9 different levels as your organization and sales grow. The potential for significant income from this opportunity depends on one’s ability to recruit new members to their business. As you may have seen in other Vollara reviews and is typical of any network marketing program, you will likely need to conduct product demos, participate in house parties, and promote to family, friends, and relatives.

This seems to be a solid company that you can be profitable with if you are comfortable with the warm marketing techniques outlined above. I disagree with Vollara scam reviews as they usually come from disgruntled network marketers who have failed with their businesses in the past. The most successful use internet marketing skills to push the limits and slow down the progress that warm marketing requires. With a 97% failure rate in this industry, it is critical to learn effective marketing techniques so that your Vollara business can “be in the 3” percent who are also successful.