Both Forex-Megadroid Pro and FAP Turbo are forex robots, also known as expert advisors, that run on your computer. They automatically generate and execute trades, so there is no human intervention, aside from making sure the computer is on during your trading hours and adjusting system settings. Both robots fall into the category of scalping systems, which means that they generate very short-term intraday trades. I have traded both systems live for a few months now.

Forex-Megadroid Pro is an improvement over the original forex robot called “Forex-Megadroid”. Forex-Megadroid is a system created by Albert Perrie and John Grace, who have a combined 38 years of Forex trading experience. What is unique about this system is that it is based on RCTPA (Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis) technology, which means that the forex robot automatically adjusts its trading to meet changes in current volatility levels and market conditions. market.

FAP Turbo was created by 3 tech geniuses Steve, Mike and Ulrich who put countless hours into the research and development of this amazing forex robot. They studied what was already on the market, identified the best, and then improved on it. FAP Turbo consists of both a scalping strategy and a long-term trading system. For the purposes of this article, we will focus solely on the FAP Turbo scalping strategy.

I traded FAP Turbo live from April to about September 2009. FAP Turbo has a tendency to do multiple trades each day. In my opinion, the problem is that the loss limits are too large compared to the target profit figures. When you hit the stop loss, you will generally need at least 5 to 10 or more winners to offset each losing trade. A large difference between the stop loss and the large profit target makes this forex robot very high risk. I initially made some money and then noticed a series of losses and decided to stop trading with FAP Turbo live. I continued to trade with FAP Turbo on a demo account for several more weeks. I found that the performance of this robot has gradually deteriorated after I started trading it live. The chain of losses continued on the demo until I lost around 40-50% of the account. I decided to leave it. That said, I have not tried the latest updated version of FAP Turbo and have read on your site that there were some improvements to the robot.

I have traded Forex Megadroid Pro live now for 3 months. One thing I have noticed is that unlike FAP Turbo, Forex Megadroid Pro is a very selective forex robot. It doesn’t execute many trades, but the ones that do are usually quite accurate. In the 3 months of trading I only experienced 2 major losses. As with any scalping system, the stop loss will be higher than the target profit figures. However, in both cases full stop losses were not reached and were limited to only 15-25 pips. This system is also very good with capital preservation as evidenced by limited losses and some break-even trades. The performance of this robot has been steady and fairly consistent so far. At the time of this writing, Forex Megadroid Pro has not yet been made available for sale to the general public. The only people who have purchased the system are those who received it as a bonus after purchasing FAP Turbo Evolution. To learn more about the latest Forex-Megadroid Pro performance, watch my weekly video updates at

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