The film, What Women Want, casts Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall, a Chicago advertising executive who gains a new perspective on life when an accident gives him the ability to read women’s minds. In addition to being deprived of unwanted information, Nick realizes that he can use his newly acquired ability to outwit his boss, Darcy Maguire, played by Helen Hunt. In addition to falling for Darcy, Nick learns a much-coveted lesson about what women really want.

From the sensual to the practical, the popular vote for what women want is as follows:

  1. Lingerie
  2. Fragrance
  3. spa treatment
  4. gift slippers
  5. Sweets, especially chocolate.
  6. Weekend getaways or vacations to any relaxing, different or fun place
  7. Jewelry including diamond-encrusted trinkets from Tiffany’s or your favorite jeweler
  8. A luxury or designer bag, a coat, a set or other: LV, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Coach, are examples.
  9. Most things warm and fluffy, for example a full length mink coat with matching accessories.
  10. A favorite or something significant like a CD, art, cookware and recipe books or the latest gadget: iPod, PDA, trendy cell phone, etc.

Surprisingly, though acceptable, a house or that “Oh my gosh!” because for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or any other occasion, it doesn’t beat being pampered or smitten often. Basic goods and services like flowers, notes, shopping, and attention (hint, guys, great tip) are must-haves that satisfy four basic needs: romance, rest, relaxation, and relevance.


When it comes to ways to really “wow” her, aspiring recording artist Aloyisus Wordsworth has all the makings of the perfect gift for his fiancée. “After we’re married, I’d like to close the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for 24 hours just for her,” says Wordsworth. In addition to chefs available to cook themed meals throughout the day, a horse-drawn carriage and penthouse reservations at a prominent Atlanta hotel, Wordsworth’s idea of ​​romance includes rose petals on the bed, chilled champagne with sides, an oil-filled Jacuzzi, more petals, soft candles, a view of the city skyline and a full-body massage.

With romance at the top of her list, too, Atlanta-based newlywed and ABC news trainee Leah Robinson reflects on three things: “A day of cuddling and playing, a special night where my husband pays attention to me and we enjoy each other, and buying something he’d like to see me wear.”


Randy Love met his wife Monday through mutual friends 25 years ago in Birmingham, Alabama. Among the things he knows his wife wants is to be treated like a lady, respected, loved and loved. Love has also learned to allow his wife to “be independent and do her own thing.” According to Love, giving her wife space when he needs it often equates to having her time with her, too. “You get better quality time when you allow [women] to relax and be themselves,” Love says. As a result, he says the right gift for his wife would be “a vacation, ‘me time’ somewhere in the Caribbean like the Virgin Islands. She would give it two weeks, one week to relax and the next week to enjoy it,” advises Love.

Married for two years and parents to one daughter, Shawn and Sharon Nelson find it easy to agree on the ultimate gift. Residents of Chula Vista, California, cite vacation time as a top gift. “I like to keep things simple,” Shawn says of her ideal plan. In addition to tangible gifts along the way, like jewelry, a spa treatment, and candy, Shawn says that “a surprise vacation on a cruise ship to an exotic island would do the trick.” Regarding tangible gifts, Sharon elaborates: “I would like white gold earrings encrusted with princess-cut diamonds, three cooked meals a day, and a bouquet of flowers or roses.” Rather than a spa treatment, Sharon prefers to be pampered by her husband and include “a personal massage and a week off from working around the house.”

Bronx, New York native Ed Ramirez has a similar take on what to get his favorite lady. His mother, who loves to travel and socialize, would board a private plane at the Teterboro airport in New Jersey. With close friends and family in tow, she would arrive at the destination of her choice for a three-day, all-expenses-paid vacation. Upon arrival, the ladies would be greeted with a room filled with fresh flowers. Manicure and pedicure spa treatments, fine dining, lively entertainment, strolls along white-sand beaches, and shopping excursions will highlight each day’s adventure.


The ideal gift for Romeoville, Illinois resident Lisa Hardaman should be both sentimental and familial. One such gift occurred five years ago with the birth of the couple’s daughter. Hardaman’s husband, Tyrone, has since surprised his girlfriend of 13 years by getting the couple’s wedding video. At the top of Hardman’s wish list? “We already won for a family portrait. I wanted one before I put [the family dog] below. Now that we have a new addition to the family (the couple recently gained custody of their nephew), I would love to have a formal portrait.”

What makes a perfect gift? Program Director for the Economic Empowerment Initiative, Shaneka Douglas, says: “It doesn’t hurt to get diamonds, chocolate, etc. [However] the best gift to me is something thoughtful… “While a gift doesn’t have to be expensive, Douglas says a gift should,” let [her] know [her] the man has been listening [her] all year.”

Not afraid to learn through trial and error, Chicago native Richard Coleman advises men to invest in their woman’s passion for no reason. “I did it and my wife can’t keep her hands off me,” says the 28-year-old.

Writer Matthew Keegan provides additional information on gifts for women. “Your gift should illustrate that you put some effort into your intent. Remember, there is no generic ideal gift for every woman. Every woman in your life is different…you don’t want to get something too ordinary or too fancy, depending of course on the woman you’re shopping for.” Keegan also advises that a gift reflect the seriousness of a relationship, as well as the woman’s taste and needs. “If you feel like one gift isn’t enough, don’t hesitate to give her a whole gift package,” he advises.

While the gift options for women are endless, they are more tangible than fantasy. Although it may seem like an act of mind reading, what women really want is quite simple: A man who observes or listens to needs and responds accordingly.. If the gifts that follow come in the form of jewelry or something special, much better.