Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and change is a necessity for life. If the change is surprising, then it’s hard to resist. If you can’t change, you can’t survive; change is the element that keeps you alive. From the beginning until now everything is changing, we are no longer living in caves and the lifestyle from day to day also varies. Modern architecture has changed so far and the forms of exterior and interior design as well. Now, in architecture and design, glass has become a significant element. A glass can give a new look to your architecture and design if you use it expertly. The elegant and stylish look is not only stunning but also enhances the decor.

When you combine colors, textures and glass, a masterpiece emerges. Not only in doors, windows, partitions and floors, glass continues to work wonders in the kitchen, bathrooms and showers. In kitchens and bathrooms, the use of glass as backsplash, cabinets, mirrors, vanities, and kitchen countertops makes them green and spectacular.

Textured glass concepts are a bit old but still enticing; the fusion of colors and the pattern of textures are giving life and new dimensions to glass. Textured glass, such as profiled glass and custom glass, are spreading wonders in glass furniture and decor. Moondani glass is textured glass combining it with techniques such as sunken glass, image on glass, etching (sandblasting) and lamination to bring out the architectural value of glass. Perhaps in the future, the basics of moondani glass will help open up a new dimension in the glass industry by using moondani glass as roof tiles or skylights. In profile and custom glass, the idea of ​​breaking the curves in the glass opens a new horizon in textured glass. When you match the colors or colored glass with them, these can be your ideal choice for balustrades, walls, awnings, furniture and interior decoration.

As we know, glass can blend beautifully with light to set the perfect theme or mood with the help of colors, so it can be your trip to the land of your dreams. These can be used as windows, lamps, water features, work tables, and sconces to bring your dreams a touch of reality. Until now, custom and profile glasses are seen as architectural and design backing, but with the new technique called optiffuse, they are very elegant as functional items and signage.

This is not the end, the sky is the limit and imagination will help you. Artists and technicians are playing with glass to make it more affordable and imaginative due to its eco-friendly nature. These new trends do not actually make the future clean, healthy and energy efficient, but also build a better tomorrow.