Everyone has pillows, but the question is what do you do with your pillows? Sure you can sleep on it like everyone else in the world, but what else do you do with your pillows? Decorate? sit on them? Squeeze them between your legs? BORED! I’ve always wanted to know, “What can I do with my fun pillows?” So I came up with 5 fun things you can do with pillows.

1. If any of you have ever played the classic game “spoons”, then this game is for you! Today we are going to take the spoons to the max with Ultimate Spoons! Instead of having your spoons sitting in front of you, collect all the pillows and blankets you can find and put them in a pile. Then strategically hide the spoons in the pile. When someone picks up the necessary cards and shouts “SPOONS!” They all dive in and fight to the death until they find all the spoons. Whoever is left without a spoon is out!

2. Everyone likes to have a “good time” with that special someone and we all know that a little teasing never hurts to produce something playful. Grab the softest pillow you can find, sneak up on your partner and snag him with the pillow. Before you know it, she’ll be flirting with you and you’ll be in the middle of a sexy pillow fight that’s sure to lead to something frisky with your lover.

3. Of course, there’s the classic Pillow Fight, which everyone loves. Especially when you have sleepovers. Gather all the pillows you can find around the house, take your time, place it, and then start hitting as many as you can until the time is up.

4. One day some friends of mine and I went camping in a lodge that had TONS of mattresses and pillows, as well as a little balcony we could jump off of. As we studied our surroundings, the wheels of our brain began to turn. And this is what we came up with. Stack all the mattresses and pillows together to create a soft landing for your little tushy. Then climb on top of the leg and jump towards it! The super smooth drop and landing will create an adrenaline rush that you just won’t get enough of.

5. And finally, have you ever had a bad day? Well heck, the crab has a horrible pillow that has feathers on it, turn up your favorite song and relieve some stress. Rip that pillow to shreds and let the feathers fly! Don’t you dare let a pillow stay on that pillow! Throw them everywhere, jump on them, throw them over your head and yell “yippee!” And before you know it, you will have forgotten why you were angry.

So what will it be? Something playful with that special someone? An adrenaline rush game of Ultimate Spoons? Or maybe just the classic pillow fight? The choice is yours!