Windows has recently been going through a difficult phase of its glorious legacy in the world of technology that it has dominated for the past few decades. Its “internet explorer” internet browser is being dwarfed by other browser engines like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, while it also went through the Vista fiasco which really was shockingly bad.

So it came as no surprise when I found myself clinging to XP and waiting for what else Microsoft would come up with. He trusts the richest man in the world and he came up with Windows 7. He wanted to do a head bang right away though! The prospect of reading another tech manual that would leave me scratching my head wasn’t exactly enticing.

In the land of computer books, you either get lame intro type material that leaves you with just the basics and sometimes makes you feel like a lost soul, or you get a completely informative book that puts you in a short coma. .

At this critical moment, enter Windows 7 – The Missing Manual.

The Missing Manual is a guide to everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new adventure. One may wonder how it differs from the other manuals that continue to bore us. The answer lies in the fact that it does the exact opposite of what the other manuals do, that is, it doesn’t bore you. The language used by the author is conversational that everyone can understand, making the material extremely easy to understand.

The flow of this book allows you to jump from section to section without there being a “difficult” break in between, the index and appendix are top notch for anyone who decides to pick up useful nuggets here and there. The bad aspect of other books is that the humor in them is so bogus that it actually irritates you instead of lightening your mood. Although the book will not make you roll on the floor, it will bring a lot of smiles to your face making your reading enjoyable.

If you want a comprehensive manual for Windows 7 that’s useful for beginners and power users, get the book Microsoft forgot to put in your box.

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