Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Cumbre de la Jolla, Cali Delta is a gorgeous little beach on the Pacific Ocean, wedged between Cabo and Playa del Amor. This small beach is perfect for snorkeling, diving, or just lounging on the shores and watching the waves crash against the rocks of the bay. For years, the area was considered a backwater preserve, which meant that the only way to access it was by boat. Now, the area is a popular year-round destination for tourists who want to stay on the West Coast.

delta 8 moon rocks

The most prominent features of the island are its two large coves, Cumbre Canyon and Playa Canyon. Each cove is filled with lagoons, which, in turn, contain lots of hiding spots for divers and other marine animals. For example, there is a denudated limestone cave system with a series of galleries carved into it. There are also extensive amounts of rock shelves and underwater grooves.

The Cumbre de la Jolla is not much bigger than a golf-ball, and has a shallow depth of about three hundred meters. That being said, it’s still a magnificent island with deep diving spots, protected lagoons, and plenty of opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving, or fishing. While the majority of visitors come here for the fishing, the island has long been a top destination for snorkelers thanks to a network of islands which lead to the cove.

What to See on Your California Delta 8 Moon Rocks Beach Vacation

The most accessible part of the island is the famous cove. White sand beaches and turquoise water define this cove’s boundaries. Diving fans will love how this cove is home to two underwater wrecks that draw close to it: The Lost Dutchman and The Jetties. These wrecks lie adjacent to the island’s most accessible section, which is the calmer southern end.

Just a short boat ride from Cumbre de la Jolla, the island’s second-known landmark is the Rock of Costilla. The Rock features hundreds of small lagoons teeming with sea life and the rare and beautiful clownfish. This is also where you’ll find the most fishing opportunities in the area: Hundreds of marina-owned boats anchor at the Rock every day. This is a great place for snorkelers, too, as there are plenty of wrecks worth exploring and some fishing spots available. The island is famous for its diving possibilities, and a number of dive tours are offered by companies here.

Finally, the last, but certainly not least, is the world famous Moon Cove, where visitors can swim and sunbathe in the clear blue ocean water. The beach features many restaurants, dive shops, and souvenir stores. It is also a good place to hang out on the beach during the day and explore the nearby caves and rocks. The beach is generally safe for swimming, and there are also many restaurants here that offer a variety of Mediterranean cuisine.

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