Colors, affiliations or groups seem to be a dominant factor in shows with battles and duels. Bakugan is the same. The game’s Bakugan and support pieces also follow certain groups, each with their strengths and weaknesses in a fight. These divisions are called Attributes, belonging to the representations of natural elements. There are six: Pyrus (fire), Aquos (water), Subterra (earth), Ventus (wind), Haos (light), and Darkus (darkness).

The Pyrus Attribute is considered to be the most powerful of the six. It represents the element of fire, and the Pyrus Bakugan’s abilities often use this element in their attacks and defenses. The main attack of Pyrus attribute characters is generally to overpower the enemy using heavy fire blows. And Pyrus’s defensive tactic is usually to make the opponent unable to attack and with his abilities nullified. Pyrus Attribute Bakugan are red, yellow, and/or orange in color.

The Aquos Attribute represents the element of water, and the abilities of the Bakugan of this attribute use water as a form of attack and defense. Its colors are blue, red and/or cyan. When using Aquos Bakugan in a fight, the generally accepted tactic would be to use different strategies to increase the Bakugan’s power or decrease the opponent’s. Most Aquos players would first bring an underpowered Bakugan into play and then augment it with abilities and Gate cards as the game progresses.

The Subterra Attribute represents the earth element, and Bakugan of this attribute are generally built for ground attacks and abilities. His colors are brown and orange. When bringing a Subterra Bakugan into play, the main strategy would be a direct and direct overwhelming attack. He’s like Pyrus in this way, using strength and force to win a fight.

The Ventus Attribute represents the element of wind. Many of the Bakugan of this Attribute are usually creatures of the sky. His abilities and attacks use air and wind. Its colors are green and cyan. Strategies involving Ventus Bakugan are often calculated and cunning, developing a quick and effective game plan. Many strategies involve luring opponents in and making them think they have the upper hand, and then suddenly an ability appears that would swing the battle in Ventus’s fighter’s favor.

The Haos attribute represents light and has the colors white and gold/yellow. Bakugan of this Attribute tend to have low power levels, allowing a Haos brawler to use strategy as a means to win a fight. They also have very strong Skill cards to further strengthen their attacks and defenses.

The Darkus Attribute is close to the Pyrus Attribute as also one of the most powerful. It has the colors purple, green and black. Bakugan of this Attribute sometimes have red stripes. It is to the advantage of a Darkus brawler that there are many varieties of abilities and strategies available to a Darkus Bakugan. With his many attacks, high power level, and various strategies, it’s no wonder why this attribute is often reserved for the villain of the Bakugan series.

One thing is for sure when you fight. Regardless of which attribute you choose, strategy is still important in winning a fight. Each Attribute has its own advantages and disadvantages, but it will always be the strategy you use that will determine who will win in a game.

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