Before you learn how to win repeatedly without cheating, you need to understand all the aspects of failure by going through it before you can win repeatedly without cheating. We all start out as poor players who fail at first and only the best of us who can learn become good and can win over failure. When I was thinking about the concept of this article, I was walking home from 108th Street and Crenshaw Boulevard to 113th Street and Crenshaw Boulevard and in those four blocks, I thought of every failure and success in my life, even walking down the street. public Library. at 111th Place where some of my articles were written. With each step, I realized that to genuinely win against failure, you have to fully understand it, and those who are “born successes” or have all the advantages early on without understanding this are at a disadvantage or expecting a silver hand. tray with funeral arrangements and advance tributes begging their way through life wondering why they get nothing without the strength and understanding to earn it.

Indeed, everything truly valuable is earned and anyone who tells you otherwise is some kind of fool, “dummy” or totally dishonest.

When I think about earning a good reality, “automatically” I feel good, because I know that a genuinely good reality does not happen. Enlightenment waits for no one, it must also be earned. Lack of analysis, appreciation, and thought is the ultimate handicap for anyone, especially when advantages are too easily given without earning or understanding. That’s why, the convoluted story of the real winner it is in fact simple, understanding is earned, not given and it is the ultimate advantage. Without it, there is no advantage no matter how big the “bag of gold you are born with around your neck” is.

The genuine riches of life are in our understanding, not so much in the blessings given that we do not know how to use without understanding.

When I think of understanding like this, the first thing that comes to mind is learning to fall when learning to fight before learning to punch like good fighting masters do. I remember my old Kung Fu/Karate instructor Rob Michaels taught the basics of falling into a few lessons before we even learned or even landed a single punch or kick, that metaphor was my first exposure to reality that I am writing about. : learn the value of fully understanding failure in order to truly succeed.

So I put my money on the initial failure that ultimately dominates the success, and not on that lucky person who gets it initially and fails without understanding why, without the patience to turn good after failing and bring luck and “Wow, I won at the beginning.” Now patiently dig out the gold that is already in your mind. Hint: It’s not metal, it’s what metal is made of, it’s energy, God’s thoughts, and genuine reality.