Obesity: Statistics confirm that the US has the most obese population of all nations.

The main cause of obesity is fast food. Food manufacturers don’t care about the ingredients they put in their food. Your goals are to cook tasty food and maximize income. Their focus is on your money, nothing else. When you buy fast food, do you ever check the label for fat, calorie, and sodium content? If you learn the truth, you will be amazed at the statistics.

The second most important reason for obesity is the eating habits of the parents. Obese parents continue to raise their children with the same eating patterns that they have adopted for them. They enjoy large portions of high-calorie foods, desserts, and prepackaged foods. These prepared foods contain very little fiber and essential nutrients. Food that is stored in the stomach can also create impotence in men and women. Also, in adulthood, these foods weaken the liver, and as a result, people suffer from diabetes, constipation, heartburn, intestinal problems, and high blood pressure. They miss the nutrients, fiber, and mother’s love, which she adds while cooking food. I firmly believe that by eating light meals five times a day with a well-balanced low-fat diet plan and adequate portions, in addition to engaging in regular vigorous exercise with weights six days a week for 15 minutes a day, you will lose weight. and enjoy a healthy and vibrant body. Homemade meals and exercise are important to the body.

I have seen mothers who overfeed their children. When children grow overweight, the same mothers worry and lie, saying that their children are not eating anything and are still gaining weight. I would like to advise all mothers: “You are the first teacher, discipline your babies with the right portion of food, do not take care of them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; teach them simple habits and let them grow as children normal “. Forcing your children to eat out of your overwhelming love can hurt your child’s future. Children do not know anything and tend to eat more than their capacity to hunger. Therefore, it is your duty to regulate your child’s life and not let him chew on food throughout the day.

Depressed people are mostly overweight. They stay home, watch television, eat frequently and are not interested in anything. They don’t cook and live a lazy life. They eat excessively due to their depression. They love prepared food and eat more than they need.

The way a person wants to live depends on the individual. Everything is within you, divinely installed. You have to work hard to help yourself and fix yourself. With the help of yoga and meditation, you can awaken your inner potential and achieve wonders. Here are the 7 best natural remedies to fight obesity:

To lose weight, drink 40 oz. of water early in the morning, and eat nothing for an hour. If you are constipated, drink warm water with half a teaspoon of salt. Drinking warm water helps establish your metabolism, clear your intestinal tract, and eliminate constipation. We call the procedure Usha Paan (Aqua Therapy), and it is a natural cure based on Yoga.

It is highly recommended to fast to lose weight once a week. You can drink fluids while fasting.

To lose weight, drink vegetable juice. Eat green leaves and fruits. Eat berries, pears, peaches, apricots, and green apples. Select foods rich in fiber for your meals. Eat plant-based foods, raw vegetables, and sprouts for strong bones; This also helps to lose weight and eliminate disease.

Lose weight by removing sugars, enriched white flour, and grease from your kitchen. Avoid eating fried foods, sweets, and desserts; These make you lazy, careless and boring, and they accumulate fat in the body.

Lose weight by drinking a glass of water before eating or drinking anything; This fills the stomach and we end up eating fewer calories, which helps us lose weight.

Lose weight by taking a tablespoon of rice vinegar diluted with two tablespoons of water. Take these 15 minutes before each of your daily meals. This helps to eliminate fat from the food we eat.

Consume half a teaspoon of ground nutmeg twice a day with water, oatmeal, or soup; This helps reduce fat if consumed daily.

Some people eat too little or are hungry to lose weight, but this is the wrong approach. These eating patterns deplete your energy and slow down your metabolism, and your body gains more fat. When planning a diet, make a smart decision to lose 1 or 2 pounds per month and don’t go for modern ‘fast diets’, which usually create more problems later on.

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