Hello, here we are with 2010 fast approaching. As we get into another year, we tend to look back at the things we have done and, more importantly, the things we haven’t done and the things we really want to do.

It’s time to make those New Years resolutions and for many of us this will mean losing weight or getting toned and fit. Now is the time that we want to start looking to the future and making those decisions about how to change ourselves. Let’s face it, most of us have something we want to change, be it our stomach or our thighs. But this year we want it to be different, this year we want to achieve our goals, so this time next year we can look back and say “we did it this time.”

So let’s start with us. The Human Being is a really funny creature, dominated by emotions and feelings and always trying to look different. But trust me, you are perfectly normal and we all feel the same, even the best athletes or models are human and they have something they would change.

So how are we going to make sure we lose the weight we want?

1. Set goals

There are many clubs that can help with this, Slimmers World, Weight Watchers, diet books galore. But you are the only one who can determine when you are going to start and what you want to lose and when.

So, set a start date and a date when you want to reach your goal weight.

These two things will make it real. Tell other people what you are going to do, again this makes it real and once you start talking about losing weight and when this will automatically make you want to do it. Seriously, this works. Compare it to booking a vacation, if it stays in your head it’s just a dream, but if you talk about it and set a date and the reservation, it becomes real. This is exactly the same for everything in life, including weight loss.

2. Watch your food intake.

We all know that losing weight requires burning more calories than you consume. Simple, well yeah, except how many of us really know how many calories we eat? The best way is to do things yourself, then you know the exact ingredients and preparing the food yourself makes you more conscious.

3. Be prepared

If you don’t eat properly during the day, you are likely to be very hungry and eat as fast as you can. So bring along some healthy snacks, nuts or a tub of vegetable sticks, and some hummus or fruit. This way, when you feel hungry, you can snack on the food you already have.

4. Eat regularly

5-6 small meals a day keeps you from getting hungry and yes, it is very important that you eat breakfast! We all know it, but still many of us will have coffee and that’s it. Your body needs more to get through the morning, and please don’t fool yourself into thinking that eating fewer meals will help you lose weight. Your metabolism is not built that way. Trust the experts on this one.

5. Believe in yourself

Sometimes you will have difficult days, but just believe in yourself. This is entirely up to you, get guidance and help from friends and family and every time you lose a pound or two you will feel so much better. There will be weeks when it will stabilize, but this is normal and as you begin to lose weight, introduce exercise.

6. Exercise

You don’t have to go crazy, but exercise will help you tone up as you lose weight, but also the natural excitement after the blood has been pumped throughout your body will make you feel great. You won’t necessarily feel good at the time, but trust me when you’ve completed your 30 minutes or so, you’ll be very glad you did. The hardest part of the exercise is actually getting changed and doing it. Your mind will find many excuses, so make it fun and reward yourself with a little whim once you’re done.

For your success in achieving your 2010 goals.

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