Sometimes girls can be a real enigma, of that there is no doubt. Other times, on the other hand, guys can also be very dense. This article is for all the guys who really need to get a hint! If you’re still debating whether or not you like it, here are five signs that scream all systems are ready!

1. She laughs at your stupid jokes

Here’s a bonus tip to go along with this one: Know when your jokes aren’t really funny. Seriously, sometimes, they are not! If she’s the only one laughing, or if she laughs even when you know your joke was pretty bad, it’s a tell-tale sign that she likes you!

2. He wants you to meet his friends

While this may seem strange, girls want you to meet their friends when they really like you. This is because they want to get their friends’ opinion and seal of approval on the guy that they can start to see regularly and end up hanging out with their friends as a result. The approval of a girl group is very important, so don’t spoil it.

3. She cares

Questions like “How was your day?” or “Did things go well with that part of the car that you were worried about?” They are subtle signs that he likes you. Making sure you’re okay and remembering details about issues that women don’t normally remember is a sign that she’s in tune with what’s important to you and wants to know that everything is resolved.

4. She initiates contact

There is no easier way to know that she is interested in you than when you initiate contact. If she calls you, especially if it’s not an important reason to call, she is interested in you. Deep inside of you Women have a lot of pride and despite all the women’s liberation they don’t like to be the first to call because they know it shows that they are interested. If she’s at the stage where she’s calling you, it’s time for you to make that final move.

5. She goes the extra mile

Need help; she is ready and willing. Whether it’s for work, connecting you with the contact you need, finding an answer to a question you asked yourself, or cooking for you (the latter being the most telling sign of all), helping you means she wants to be a part of it. of your life. There is no sign greater than this!

If a girl makes any of the first three clues, reciprocate the gestures. Let him meet up with your friends and ask him about his day too, he will appreciate it! If he does either of the last two, he’s calling you to action! She goes to the ninety, it’s time for you to go to the remaining ten!

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