Open your Bible to Mark 1:15, it says … And saying: The time has been fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has drawn near: repent and believe in the gospel. Go ahead and highlight that writing.

God never leaves us, we are the ones who wander and do our thing! Have you ever realized that He wants to see your face and hear your voice? You have to lose yourself and focus on God! Yes, cooperate with Him to change, mold, and prepare you for His will for your life. You see, it takes you despite the way you are.

Many of God’s people are enslaved because the devil has perverted their minds to the great truths of God’s Word. The time to believe in the Gospel is now! To regret! You no longer live for yourself but for Christ. The Christian life is Christ living his life in you, just as God lived through Christ. Christ in your life means that He directs you, empowers you, and lives through you.

Repent and admit your absolute dependence on Jesus! Hallelujah! You are handed over from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of the Wonderful Son of God. You will discover that when you are at your weakest point, God is your greatest source of help. But there are sinners who try to hide from God. People do this every day.

God wants you to repent, believe the gospel, and come to Him. God’s grace in Christ Jesus is like a clear, refreshing stream that never runs dry. Now is the time for you to follow the spiritual path to eternal life. You are free to seek His kingdom and justice first. The number one attack of the devil is to make people not believe the Gospel.

But I want you to listen carefully! The kingdom of God is, in fact, the government of God in every area of ​​your life. God is working all over the world to achieve his purposes and advance his kingdom through people all over the world. Yes! People believe in the Gospel all over the world.

Believers must keep looking at Jesus! He will allow you to run the race to the end. You may know what I’m talking about. If not, you have to learn to personally walk with the Lord. God wants more than your Sunday mornings! Your spirit must be consumed with desire, thirsty to be with Him. Say, Thank You Jesus!

Don’t reject the Gospel! His voice is in His Word! It is time to fall more in love with His Word. We need His great grace and divine influence in our lives. Why? Because the devil is constantly trying to put space or space between us and God. The devil works hard to keep you from believing the Word of God. The devil wants you to have no respect for the Gospel.

You see, when the Word of God comes into your life, it gives you light and understanding. When you are in darkness, the answer is the Word of God. Run to the Light and stay safe. His desire for you is to agree with Him, submit to Him, and allow Him to set the direction of your life. Raise your hands and say: Lord, you saved me!

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