I was recently introduced to Karatbars and after a couple of days of asking questions, checking facts, and giving it a lot of thought, I went in. It’s been a pattern for me because of my personality, that I typically jump into an adventure too quickly and then take time to digest what I just ate.

Based on this pattern, you can tell that I have made a lot of mistakes, lost a lot of money, and had frustrating experiences. Call it luck if you want, but I’ve also made some decisions that turned out to be very good experiences, like embracing the discipline of creating my own bank, following the teachings of Nelson Nash’s Concept of Infinity Banking.

This has been a unique experience because I entered as a consumer, and the benefits I have gained from this process have been tremendous, such as being able to grow my money at a constant rate thanks to guaranteed interest and stable dividends paid on me regardless of market fluctuations. .

I can also access my money for any purpose at any time with no questions asked, unlike a 401K, IRA, or CD.

On top of that, my loved ones will be protected when I die, not if, within a set period (term insurance). But enough of this point; I have already written a lot about this process.

I want to review now the Karatbars business.

Many of those who will know this business will ask questions like: “Is this a multi-level marketing deal? Isn’t gold too expensive right now and is there a possible bubble?”

Let’s take a look at the MLM Multi-Level Marketing Agreement:

You’ve probably heard a lot of investing gurus like Robert Kiyosaki who talks on the subject and is very supportive of MLM. I respect Robert Kiyosaki for all of his accomplishments, but I feel a little uncomfortable having his endorsement since he has never been in MLM.

This is a fun way to show support for a point, but I couldn’t resist bringing it up. The truth is, you’ve probably heard from many others who have been successful in MLM that it’s the most efficient way to do business, and there’s no way to challenge those testimonials.

The main argument against MLM is: “This is a pyramid.” What is not a pyramid?

Everything in capitalism is structured in the form of a pyramid: the boss is at the top, followed by management, then the employees, and so on.

What about socialism? There are the directors and the rest of the population, but at the top are the directors, maybe some middle managers, and then the rest of the people.

So, every economic structure has a pyramid structure. Why only MLM?

What is so special about MLM that it has gotten a bad rap?

Maybe it’s the fact that we see ordinary people suddenly reaping extraordinary benefits like: going on exotic trips, driving fancy cars and receiving amazing income for what we wouldn’t consider hard work?

There is definitely something peculiar about MLM, and that is that very few people achieve that amazing success.

I have been in several MLMs, consuming and selling (yes, I sold, everyone sells) electronic security devices, vitamins, health products, gold bars minted by countries, etc.

What is the common denominator here? They were great products, but too expensive to consume or sell, plus I didn’t do well as I was focused on the product, and as multi-level marketing experts know and say, that’s a no-no.

The fact is that you have to consume, and that is what moves money. But what gets you to the top is sharing the dream and lifestyle of the top earners. Why?

Be honest, we all want that. But the truth is that very few of us want to pay what we owe to achieve that success. This is the reason why so many people buy in the lottery.

They have the dreams; they just don’t want to pay for it. They want to win it by chance and you know the odds…

So what is so special about Karatbars that most people could do it and succeed?

First: You’re not really buying or consuming anything!

Basically, you are exchanging some of your increasingly devalued documents with images of presidents (dollars) for solid money, “gold”. This action takes the paper money away from you, but returns the money to you in gold.

The United States Constitution says that gold and silver are money.

Karatbars created a system where by joining this business we can save in certified pure gold in amounts that are easy for the average person to handle; a gram of gold represents $65 dollars at the time of writing this article.

Since I mentioned that Karatbars is a business, this company has the characteristics and advantages of being a very inexpensive way to start and stay in business.

By trading your increasingly depreciating dollars for gold and recommending others take the same opportunity, you’re taking advantage… actually, you’re already in business.

Becoming a business owner brings you many benefits, especially in the area of ​​paying taxes. It’s no secret that business owners reap a lot of benefits. Tax and government regulations benefit business owners.

The commodity you will be involved with (gold) does not lose value and everyone wants it. If we get to the point where it becomes an alternative or the active monetary system, everyone will benefit from it.

Prices will become more stable and governments will not be able to abuse the uncontrolled creation of fiat money and accumulate more debt.

If the arguments that I present here make sense to you and you are drawn to the dream of a great life, like that of a top MLM producer, then contact me. I will provide you with the information and support you need to do this business right.

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