One of the most perplexing situations to deal with is how to get your ex back when you think you may have chased him away. The thing to remember is that couples go through all kinds of stages during the course of a relationship, and most of the time their problems are the result of some kind of confusion about something that was said or done. Confusion about something, not what really happened. If this is your situation, this article will show you how to get your ex back without delay.

It’s a fact, misunderstandings are the main reason people break up, so the first thing you have to do is look back to see what you think might have gone wrong and try to figure out how your boyfriend might have misunderstood. something you said or did. . You probably already know deep down inside what may have caused him to have the wrong idea enough to want to break up with you, but here are some additional common reasons you may or may not have thought of:

1. Have you smothered it with attention? Have you tried to do everything you can to please him? For example, have you prepared the foods you like, cleaned up after him, gone to the events that interest you regardless of doing the things you enjoy? If after looking back at your relationship, you discover that you have in fact been a living doormat, then this may be why your guy ran away.

Men, of course, like the attention, but they also like having a woman who not only knows her own mind, but actually acts like her own person. They sure like to be respected, but they want you to respect yourself too. To get your ex back, you will have to go back to being the person you were when he first fell in love with you. Show him that you still care about him, but now you also care and respect yourself.

2. When you think about your relationship, did you talk about the other men in your life before him?? It’s okay to mention that you dated other guys before him. But it’s not okay to give it all the glorious details. If your dating history before him was limited to just one guy, and you keep talking and talking about how great he was at basketball, how well he danced, how many times he was the top scorer, or how classy he dressed. , the man you love may have felt that you still had feelings for your ex. Maybe he felt like he was always competing with him. Is that possible?

Or maybe the guy you dated before your ex was a terrible louse. Did you talk about all its negatives? That can be a real discouragement because your ex may have always been trying not to look like your previous boyfriend. It could be that he analyzed his behavior so much that he got tired of it.

3. What image did you emit? Did you flirt with other guys? Were you in business? Did you dress and behave like a boy? All of these things can make a man run for the hills. The ideal woman is feminine, kind, and conservative in appearance. I don’t mean to dress like a prude, but you should avoid showing your skin down to your belly button. She shouldn’t look cheap or act superior to her man.

4. Did you always harass him? Were you trying to get him to tell you how he felt about you and what the relationship meant to him? Guys don’t like being pressured to say things about their relationship status.

5. Did you tell him how stupid some of his ideas were?? Or, even though you knew they were crazy, did you shut up and tell them that they at least had an idea, hoping against hope that they wouldn’t put it into practice? Men don’t like to be challenged and neither do women. Just treat him like a human being and you’ll be fine.

6. Obviously, when you first met your ex, you thought it was fantastic. Did you try to change it? When you were attracted to him, he thought you loved him for who he was, if you started wanting to change things about him, and then he starts to think that you think there are some serious problems with him.

When you analyze your relationship with these six things in mind, I bet you will see that your past behavior exhibited one or at least some of these tendencies. Learning how to get back together is just a matter of identifying the things you were doing wrong to send him packing. You can win back your ex boyfriend by changing your own behavior to suit what he wanted in his wife.

Learning how to get back together is simple, but if changing to this point to get your ex back is more than you are willing to do, then you probably need to move on with your life and find someone who better suits your personality because the Most men will want a woman who behaves the way we have discussed in this article.

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