An HVAC system includes many aspects of a facility’s comfort, safety, and convenience: temperature, hot water, and furnace safety. Having an HVAC emergency at the wrong time of year can make homeowners or commercial facility occupants too hot or cold, but it can also mean a lack of hot water for showers, utility facility needs, and more. medical care, laundry, dishes or commercial refrigeration problems. . Learn what constitutes an HVAC emergency and how HVAC preventative service can prevent it.

HVAC Emergency Call Prevention

Having a proper preventative maintenance schedule will help prevent many, if not all, common heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and furnace problems. Facility maintenance personnel must ensure system filters are replaced at regular intervals and coils are cleaned for proper efficiency and operation. Ideally, all building maintenance staff members should have experience with HVAC and boiler emergency procedures. Otherwise, a company that specializes in HVAC maintenance should be called immediately.

Impacts of Improper HVAC Maintenance

In some cases, facilities overlook having a preventative maintenance plan because they prioritize other concerns. It’s common to overlook the importance of proper HVAC service until the furnace breaks down, a hot water heater breaks, or tenants complain about the temperature. It can be much more expensive to do emergency HVAC repair than to do regular maintenance. Also, tenants or owners are often upset when a lengthy repair is needed, especially when the building is too hot or too cold for comfort during extreme temperatures.

Professional HVAC repair is essential

HVAC service or emergency HVAC repair should not be performed by anyone other than a professional. Boilers, both high and low pressure, can be dangerous to repair without experience. Coolants and coolants can also be dangerous to handle and dispose of. It is much more cost-effective to have a single repair done by an expert HVAC maintenance company, rather than wasting valuable time and money attempting a repair yourself, only to have to call in the experts at the end. Choose a company early and search for 24/7 HVAC emergency availability. Years of experience are also helpful, as they indicate that the staff is not only skilled at what they do, but that the company has the longevity to show that they know what they are doing.

Special Health Care Facility Maintenance Requirements

Maintaining healthcare facilities presents special challenges and requirements for technicians. Time is often of the essence in maintaining healthcare facilities, as the health and safety of patients depends on them being warm, fed, and having access to clean clothing. It is especially important for facility management to have a reliable HVAC service company on call, and a good relationship with them is ideal. It is recommended to focus on preventative maintenance and experienced walkthroughs to identify potential upcoming breakdowns so that emergencies can be completely avoided.

An HVAC emergency not only inconveniences staff and residents, but can also pose safety concerns and be costly to fix. Schedule a regular preventative HVAC service to keep your systems running at peak efficiency and avoid an emergency situation.