“The first step in renting a house: Find a house

The major local newspapers have property pages with detailed information, similar to that in China. Usually, they are similar to classified advertisement pages, which list simple information of houses according to their geographical location, and some have photos.

However, what is published in the newspaper is usually the source of housing intermediary, you can only get in touch with the intermediary company, you cannot contact the landlord directly.

In addition, there are also a lot of rental information on the website. Just enter the zip code of the place you want to live in, and you can also choose the price range you think is reasonable, and the search engine will automatically list the information that meets the requirements.

As a student, you can also contact the school’s Housing Office and ask for a Housing List. Because the school is responsible for solving all international Edinburgh student accommodation problems, if there is no student dormitory, the school’s student accommodation office will provide such a list for free.

It lists the specific location of the house, the bus and subway stations near the house, the price of the house, and of course the landlord’s contact information.

The second step of renting a house: picking a landlord

Compare the subway map, circle the houses within two subway stations near the school, and then compare the rent. Listing has landlord’s phone number. When calling, explain where you got the rental information, show the landlord that you are interested in taking a look, and finally make an appointment with the landlord. Very simple few words.

Some landlords will ask some specific information when they receive a call, such as where you are from, where you study, how many people there are in total, etc., just answer truthfully. After agreeing on a time with the landlord, the next step is to agree on a meeting place.

Landlords basically require you to meet directly at the house, and very few people will come out to pick you up. Therefore, the map is an essential tool at this time. Because of the language, it is best to ask the landlord to spell out the important place names, so as not to go wrong on the day of the meeting.

The third step of renting a house: looking at the house

It is best not to go to the house alone, after all, one person’s ideas are limited, you can ask two classmates or parents to go together, so that you can provide more reference opinions.

If you have any questions about student accommodation Edinburgh, UK, please call Xiaoju, and we will arrange professional consultants to answer you in detail.”

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