It’s completely apparent that Gene wize is hitting the internet at lightning speed. There are several factors to consider here when looking for a reason. First, this is a revolutionary product that is all about cutting edge technology and DNA. Science cannot take a closer look at the body than its DNA.

Genelink, the parent company of Gene wize, has been researching this technology for over 12 years with documented results and several patents. Many of Genelink’s researchers and workers have been working without receiving any pay. They have agreed to be paid in stock positions in the future. This shows the absolute confidence of those who work with the company in the development of this new technology.

Gen wize is the marketing for Genelink. What Gene wize has done with the compensation plan for its distributors is amazing. Taking what to date are the most lucrative compensation plans the network marketing industry has ever seen. Gene wize has expanded on these plans adding more potential earnings for its distributors. In addition to that, the company will launch the products on August 1, 2008, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for people looking for an opportunity to start a business with opportunities that the industry has never seen before.

Tom Wood, the former Legal Prepaid Lead Distributor, has joined as Chief Marketing Officer and Lead Distributor. Having amassed a fortune, Wood doesn’t need to join another opportunity like Gene wize for financial gain. It is simply a matter of once-in-a-lifetime events that leaders show that they would like to be a part of history.

Gene wize is sure to go down in the history books as the most impactful networking business in the last 100 years. Gene wize is already proving to be something of a Tiger Woods in the network marketing industry. Other industry leaders like Jonathan Budd have stopped all other efforts and put their full weight behind this generous opportunity. That surly must send a message loud and clear. Gene wize has arrived and Gene wize is here to stay.

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