For too long, the outdoor hospitality and events industry has faced a problem.

While there are ever-increasing opportunities to purchase new equipment, particularly with all that the Internet has to offer in this age that we live in, until recently there has been no place where the good folks in these industries can easily buy and sell their equipment. Used equipment.

The fundamental problem here is really twofold; Equipment used within the outdoor events industry is normally very specialized and sees very little use in its “second life” except for another party in that aforementioned industry. Items tend to be physically very large and often of very high monetary value.

As a result of this, many forums for the potential sale of these second hand items become somewhat ineffective. The opportunities to sell items on places like eBay are limited, as any potential buyer will surely want to inspect the goods before considering a purchase. As these items tend to be scattered throughout the UK it would not always be feasible for this display to take place before the end of the auction period. Other limitations of the auction model would be reaching potential buyers, as it has already been noted that these items tend to be specialized in nature.

The type of articles I am referring to are:

Large Frame Traditional Style Canopies

portable dance floors

Canopy floors (often solid wood)

Bouncy castles

Mobile Trailer Toilet Units

Catering Large Ovens and Refrigerators

Lots of banquet chairs and tables

These are just a few of the items that hit the used market and as you can probably imagine all of them would require a significant logistical operation when making a second hand purchase, often with a van or large truck.

There is often a large amount of this type of equipment in circulation as businesses start up and close, businesses go into liquidation, and the constant need for larger businesses to keep their inventory up to date and fresh provides a lifeline and a constant support. hardware supply for smaller businesses at the bottom of the food chain.

The outdoor events industry is growing every year, and as each year passes, we find an increasing number of big events, particularly in the wedding industry and festival scene, all of which means it seems There may be an everlasting supply of equipment that makes its way to used equipment. market.

This is great for individuals who might be considering buying, say, a marquee for a home event instead of renting it out. Of course, it also means they can sell it after your event is done and dusted.

It is perceived that the demand for these items will continue to increase in the coming years and that the market will remain buoyant.

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