Candida overgrowth, known as candidiasis, occurs when Candida yeast is allowed to overgrow in the intestines, usually due to a weakened immune system that can no longer control its growth.

It is quite a serious condition and should be treated as such. If left untreated, yeast infections can break through the intestinal walls and enter the bloodstream, subsequently circulating throughout the body and compromising endocrine systems. The symptoms at this stage of the condition are severe and very difficult to live with.

Cream of tartar as a possible cure for Candida

First of all, it’s worth noting that cream of tartar is not a cure. Candida cure involves a series of steps, the most important being finding the root cause and eliminating it. Without removing the root cause, anything that fights candida will only control the overgrowth rather than eliminate it.

However, cream of tartar is a great way to rid the body of yeast overgrowth, especially when used in conjunction with insulin and probiotics to bolster the body with good bacteria.

For most patients, a two-month, twice-daily course of cream of tartar will clear up most of the fungal infection.

Identify the root cause of Candida

The cause of Candida overgrowth is mainly due to a weakened immune system. The trick is to find what is causing the weakened immune system and it is quite difficult because there are a large number of possibilities that are outside of this article.

You’ll be pleased to know that there are logical ways to detect why and how your immune system is weakening, and once you’ve reached this stage, there is a 5-step plan to completely cure the condition.