I am a Zumba instructor and love to try other intense cardio exercises.

In this article, you’ll find my review of Turbo Fire, as well as information on where you can get it and other Beachbody fitness programs at a great price.

I first saw Turbo Fire on an infomercial one night while flipping the channel. What drew me to watching the whole commercial was the dance music hits and the fun moves that went along with them. The moves also seemed to be mixed with cardio and resistance training. This was a big plus in my book.

At first you definitely have to go slow to learn the moves as they can go pretty fast.

This program is great because there is a ‘New to Class’ option which is like a tutorial for some of the moves.

When you start the actual workouts, you just jump in and go. There is no stretching exercise at first; just a brief warm up. This is the same for my Zumba classes and I love how my heart starts pounding immediately. I feel like I’m definitely getting a better workout.

Turbo Fire is a combination of kickboxing and dance moves which is what makes it so much fun.

If you’ve done Zumba before, this program is like Zumba on steroids. It is much more intense and will tone you much more than just having a regular cardio workout.

The HIIT classes that Turbo offers are like intense fat burning workouts. And the best part is that you get 3 DVDs full of these great little exercises.

There are also 2 Fire EZ classes. These classes are not as intense, but they hold their place in the program while still offering a good part of the exercise routine.

With all the intense classes that come with Turbo Fire, Chalene (TF’s fitness guru) definitely hasn’t forgotten about stretching classes. Stretching is essential after warming up your muscles, and Turbo gives you a good 40-minute routine, as well as a 10-minute stretch included with every workout.

For those of you who have never done HIIT classes before, this program comes equipped with a preparation program to be prepared for these workouts.

I found the toning classes to be some of the best I’ve taken so far. Chalene definitely prefers push-ups, and her push-up routines will definitely get her upper body in shape.

Kickboxing includes jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, round-house and push kicks, pump its, zigzags, and many other forms.
There are also a couple of new moves named after this product, as well as other new combinations and variations on older ones.

There is a fair amount of plyometric (jumping) exercises, so it’s best to make sure your knees are in good shape before getting too involved in this program.

The music that is chosen for this set of exercises is excellent. There are many 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and modern dance hits all included. You’ll get songs like “Push It,” “Bad Girls,” and “Proud Mary.” You’ll also hear great artists like Donna Summer, Flo Rida, Tina Turner and many more.

Where To Get It At A Good Price.

As you can probably tell from my Turbo Fire review, the program is absolutely great. The only thing that put me off was the price.

The good thing was that I was able to get all the training on Amazon for a really great price. Even better, the show came with other great stuff.

Although this program is on the more expensive side of fitness DVDs, it is definitely worth it. I have never been in better shape.

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