OK, keep reading because we will share 13 simple strategies that

It should be the first step you take after setting up your business page.

1. Videos are king. Post a video: This is the age of ed-u-tain-ment; your audience would rather be educated versus educated. Facebook users watch 1.8 billion videos per day, you too can be one of them!

2. Contact your Fans. Find out their likes and dislikes, what will fly and what is a flop. Stay connected with your target audience. Staying connected is another FREE way to conduct market research. Research and surveys are great ways to determine exactly what your visitors want.

3. Add an effective CTA – (call-to-action button) If your CTA is to book an appointment, you’ll want to write a post that encourages your target market to book their appointment now. Another advantage of correctly optimizing your CTA in this example, your clients can book their appointment by clicking on your CTA. Clicking the book now button takes them directly to the Facebook editorial calendar. This is a great opportunity that saves a lot of time and increases conversion rates.

4. We love stores, so include them on your page. Page Stories allow you to share images and short videos that take your audience behind the scenes, giving them an intimate look at your business. Talk about your new story in your post.

5. Let your visitors know what others think of you. Post testimonials and reviews: According to recent research, consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Ask Amazon!

6. News sells. Announce news: You can post commercial announcements through Facebook Messenger. You can post events, sales or community issues on your Page to reach your customers at scale for FREE!

7. Questions are the answer. An easy way to keep your visitors interested is by asking questions. People don’t care how much you know; they care how much you know about them.

8. Inspiration is always a healthy option. Post inspirational and motivational quotes. If they are unique and very attractive, they will be shared on other social media platforms.

9. Share Related News – When you share news that is relatable and of interest to your target market, it gives them a warm and welcoming feeling. They feel that you not only care about promoting their products or services, BUT HAVE A GENUINE INTEREST IN THEM.

10. Crowdsourced Feedback: Ask your Page followers for feedback and use it to improve your business. This is a great way to create transparency and openness with your audience and build brand trust.

11. Share holiday greetings. Share especially those unknown vacations, this gives you a fun fact. And it induces commitment.

12.Create an event: an event can be anything you do. Create a stir and promote it.

13. If you post content that gets a lot of comments and shares; You should consider boosting that post! You never know when you might hit the nail on the head or upload that perfect video that gets a lot of shares; your visitors will let you know.

Considering that recent research found that 78% of US consumers say they discover products on Facebook. Facebook is considered one of the main online advertising channels. 51% of total US ad dollars are spent on digital ads.

Another note, Facebook has over 2 million monthly users, 65 million small business pages, and 4 million advertisers on its platform. This makes it the largest social network in the world.

Lastly, Facebook is constantly changing. It’s a good idea to stay current and up-to-date with their rules, algorithm changes, and marketing tactics.

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