Here are some fascinating facts about ten of the best motivational speakers in the world:

1. Peter J. Daniels – Peter Daniels is an Australian motivational speaker. In his early years, he was challenged with illiteracy. He came from a family of third-generation welfare recipients. He failed all grades in school and had to work as a bricklayer. He was in debt at the age of 26.

2.Brian Tracy – He worked as a personal assistant to a rich man and learned everything he knew today from his boss. He once was the CEO of a 100 million dollar company.

3. John C. Maxwell He is the son of a minister.

4. The browns – Before becoming one of the most respected inspirational speakers in the world, Les Brown was a radio personality and was elected to the House of Congress. He was also briefly married to the famous award-winning American singer, Gladys Knight.

5.James Whitley he wrote and sang jingles.

6.Robert Schuller – He built the famous Crystal Cathedral without having an initial capital.

7. Hilary Hinton “Zig” Ziglar he was a door-to-door salesman before he became a famous inspirational speaker.

8.Robert Kiyosaki – He began his business career bringing nylon velcro wallets to the country and built a multi-million dollar business, but lost it all, not to imitators, because he failed to patent his brand or product. Robert and his wife, Kim Kiyosaki, did not have a roof over their heads for several weeks and had to live out of their car. When a very close friend of theirs found out about her situation, she offered to give them a room in her basement. The Kiyosakis lived in the basement for a period of 9 months and 4 years later they became millionaires.

9.Joe Girard He was so good at selling that his teammates got him fired. He is also known as the best retailer in the country.

10. Anthony Robbins – Like many inspirational speakers, Tony Robbins endured many hardships in his life, especially when his mother divorced and remarried…twice. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which resulted in an abnormal growth spurt that left him with unusually large hands and feet.

If you are thinking that you have difficulties in your life, take a look at what some of these famous motivational speakers had to endure. Many of these speakers have written about their experiences so that readers can learn from their motivational quotes and also do something with their lives instead of complaining.

For example, Robert Kiyosaki lost everything he had and had to live on someone’s base. You can imagine the huge blow his ego had to take. Instead of whining and yelling blue murder, he was motivated to keep going and became a millionaire in just 4 years. Peter J. Daniels couldn’t even read until he was 21!

Some people choose to learn from life quotes from inspirational speakers who have been through what they are going through rather than simply ACCEPT whatever life throws their way.

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