The 0x0000007F error is another type of problem categorized as “blue screen errors.” You will first notice this problem when your computer shuts down instantly and the monitor displays a blue screen. The problem can arise for all kinds of reasons, forcing the computer to display the blue screen once the system detects a problem, regardless of what it is doing. One of the main causes of the 0x0000007F error is the “kernel” found in the Windows system. Once this component does not work properly, there are likely to be errors. When this happens, the troubleshooting methods should be started immediately.

What causes the 0x0000007F error?

The problem occurs when the computer cannot find enough space in the kernel to support and facilitate the processes needed by the kernel-mode drivers. The kernel is an important part of the computer because it is a key part of the operating system. Provides the link corresponding to the applications you are using and their processed data. The data could not be processed correctly at the hardware level if it weren’t for the cores. For example, applications such as Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 8.0 use a kernel-mode driver to function properly. The kernel is used in conjunction with a filter driver.

The processes below are registered with the help of the kernel. Also, when applications like Norton Antirvirus and Symentec Antivirus use real-time protection, they won’t be able to protect your files accordingly if they can’t access them on the file system. The program will have to request space in the kernel for the process to proceed. When there are problems with the kernel processing, this is when the error 0 × 0000007F appears. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed.

How to fix error 0x0000007F

The first step in solving the problem is to put a “KStackMinFree” value in the computer’s registry. Adding this value can help resolve the error. The value is responsible for determining the minimum amount of kernel space that must be provided for programs such as Norton Antivirus and Symentec AntiVirus. To do so, go to Registry Editor on the system and then find this key:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE INTEL LANDesk VirusProtect6 CurrentVersion Storages Filesystem RealTimeScan.

When the key is found, right click on it and then choose New and then select DWORD Value. Type “KStackMinFree” to add the new value. Select the KStackMinFree value, right-click on it, and then choose Modify. Organize the base and set it to hexadecimal before typing 2200 in the given value field. Press Ok and then restart the program.

Another solution to the problem is to check if all the hardware is working properly. System errors can also stem from various hardware problems. When the hardware is not properly connected, the system cannot support applications that require its services, nor can the system process the correct kernel space. Check all connectors on the computer, starting at the back and then throughout the system.

Lastly, it will also be good to clean the computer registry. Damaged or corrupted registry components can affect the operation of the system. When the registry is cleaned, these problematic components are removed. Use a registry cleaning application to clean the registry and update all your files.

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